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Tracy, New Brunswick, Canada

The Canadian Organic Standards describe organic production as a "holistic system designed to optimize the productivity and fitness of diverse communities within the agro-ecosystem, including soil organisms, plants, livestock and people". 

In order for us to claim organic status for our fruit and product line we have to follow the guidelines set out by the Canadian Organic Standards. These standards give consumers confidence that their food is produced in such a way that is sustainable and harmonious with the environment. One of the reasons why consumers can trust that the Canadian Organic Standards are being followed is because farms and processors are to be certified by a certifying body, an independent third party organization, who reviews all farm records and sites to make sure there is compliance with the standards.                                  


Springbrook Cranberry Inc. became a certified organic farm in 2008. 

                           Our certifying body is Ecocert Canada http://www.ecocertcanada.com



To initially become a certified organic grower, our farm underwent three years of transition. We started our transition to organic in 2005. During those years our farm drastically altered our management practices. Instead of synthetic fertilizers, we use a pelletized chicken manure that is certified for organic producers. Instead of herbicides, we learned to have a higher tolerance for weeds. We hand weed, and mow, as much as possible. As well, we try to make the crop environment more favourable to the crop than to the weed. For example, we are able to use the mineral sulpher and/or vinegar to make the soil environment very acidic around the roots of the weeds to help slow weed growth (this works particularly well for cranberries, a crop that thrives in acidic environments).  Instead of spraying chemical insecticides that wipe out more than just the targeted insects, we have grown to accept a much higher presence of damaging insects as well managing these with naturally derived insecticides when absolutely necessary. Ask us about the return of the native bees to our farm and about the thriving spider habitats which we didn't know would exist within our agro-ecosystem. Each and everything that we do is monitored yearly through an audit/inspection by Ecocert Canada.          


Each product we grow and produce must be certified. Much paperwork is required to ensure the organic integrity of the entire process. This extends well beyond farm practices. Every ingredient we add to our products, as well as the cleaning products we use must comply. Even the processing facilities we use undergo a yearly inspection to make sure that each product under our label is produced under these standards.

Ask us about our products, how cranberries grow, and how we manage them in our organic system; we love to talk about them and the beautiful land we have the privilege of farming. We also love to show our organic certificate issued by Ecocert Canada and proudly display the Canada Organic Logo on all of our products.  


For more information regarding organics:

Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network (ACORN) - http://www.acornorganic.org

Canada Organic Growers (COG) - http://www.cog.ca

Government of New Brunswick Organic Crops - http://www.gnb.ca/0027/Agr/0011/index-e.asp