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May 09

In the Local Paper - The Daily Gleaner

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Fredericton Daily Gleaner 05/09/2013, Page A01

Cranberry farmer hopes juice market will be sweet

Price has fallen from $1.72 a pound to less than 45 cents a pound 



A glut of cranberries on the market across North America has drastically reduced the price growers receive for their fruit. 

The economic downturn in Europe has also hurt the prices cranberry growers can get for their crops. 

Larry Nason, who owns Springbrook Cranberry Inc., knows the hardship of the drop in crop prices. In 2008, he said, he received $1.72 per
 pound for his cranberries. Now the price has dropped between 35 and 45 cents for organic cranberries, he said. At this price point, he said, the business isn't making money. 

'Our costs, because there is so much labour involved, are anywhere from 35 to 40 cents per pound. It leaves us nothing to pay on our debt load,' he said. 

However, he and the rest of the family are determined to keep going. He said he's optimistic for the future of the family business 'if we can hang on for a while longer, and I know we can.' 'It's just going to be tough because

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