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Tracy, New Brunswick, Canada


Fruit Filled Tidbits

Sep 18

Watching Organic Cranberries Grow

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This year our organic cranberries are in fine form. With less than a month to harvest we are getting excited and prepared for all the planning and heavy labour that comes at the end of the growing season. This year's season began really early with the March heat wave melting the little bit of ice and snow left from winter. April and May had us watching the plants to make sure that the cold didn’t hurt the buds that were ready to become our hearty organic cranberries.  June was spent watching those buds turn into pretty pink blossoms just waiting for the bees to pollinate.  July brought us the results of all the bees hard work ~ pinheads (early berries).  We spent the month feeding and watering the berries so they would develop.  August is a relatively quiet month as we watch the fruit grow and ripen with just a little watering and weeding.  The cool September temperatures bring the dark red colour and means we spend our time watching to make sure the berries aren’t hurt by the cold nights.  October is harvest month and the plants go dormant in preparation for winter.  Next year the whole cycle will begin again.