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Fruit Filled Tidbits

Mar 01

Behind The Scenes At Springbrook

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Thanks for checking out springbrookcranberry.ca.  We would like to introduce the people behind Springbrook Cranberry Inc.  We are Larry, Kathy, Elizabeth and Rebekah Nason.

Farming has always been a passion for Larry, from childhood he was helping out on a farm.  Through the years he has had cattle, sheep and vegetables, including hothouse tomatoes and cucumbers.  He finally settled on cranberries in the late 90’s.  Over the next few years, he worked to grow and establish his farm.  He also enjoys the social aspects of farming and networking.

Kathy, Larry’s wife, brings 30+ years of business experience to SCI.  She’s takes care of the financial and promotional aspects.  She is the one to talk to if you are interested in buying or selling our products.  

Elizabeth, their eldest daughter, handles the accounting and helps wherever an extra set of hands are needed.  

Rebekah, returned to manage the farm after attaining her Master’s in Agriculture in 2007.  It was her passion for the environment and organics that prompted Larry to transition to organic. Upon her return, Larry and Rebekah also diversified the farm to include strawberries and raspberries.   

After a busy growing season we love to travel and experience new places.  We are always on the lookout for unique agricultural and gastronomic experiences.  We’ve encountered several places around the world, including China, Europe, Israel, New Zealand and North America. 

We look forward to sharing some of our adventures with you as well as keeping you up to date with what’s happening on our farm.