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Tracy, New Brunswick, Canada

Dried Organic Cranberries 

There is a pleasant tartness to our lightly sweetened dried cranberries because it is just our cranberries mixed with organic raw cane sugar; there are no oils, waxes or sulphites.  Our organic dried cranberries provide a healthy snack on their own, on a salad or try them in a variety of recipes. Check out the recipes page on our website for our favourite ideas.                                                                                                                                                

 Pure Organic Cranberry Juice


Our Pure cranberry juice is not from concentrate; its’ rich ruby colour reflects its’ goodness.   Our pure organic cranberry juice is made by cold pressing the ripe cranberry.  The juice is then bottled through a heat filling method (ie. pasteurization).  Pure organic cranberry juice requires dilution for consumption. See our label for directions or check out our recipe page for more tasty ideas.


 Ambrosia Organic Cranberry Juice Beverage

Our Ambrosia, is a ready to serve cranberry juice with a fresh taste, a bit of tart and sublime finish. It is made of 25 % cranberry juice and lightly sweetened with raw organic cane sugar. The only other ingredient is water.  Like our Pure Organic Cranberry Juice, the Ambrosia is bottled through a heat filling method (ie. pasteurization).